Passion Play Was A Success!

The Young Adult  and @LIFE Youth Group wish to thank all those who have made the Passion Play possible:

Costumes and Garment Makers-  Barbara Stauble, Yolando Lopez, Marlene Dessource, Jordana Serrao, Gabriella Orret.

Young adults and @Life Youth Group cast members:  Michele Brooke, Randy Recker, Steve Delafunte and Carla Andrejak

Music and Special Effects—Linda Rose, Michael Derrick, Daniel Brown, Wesley Wright, Gary Skantar and Mark Stubbe

Usher: Yvette Richards


Give Light, Give Love, Give Life

ABCD reminds us that the work of the Church is shared by all. By supporting the works of our Archdiocese and the mission of the Church here in South Florida, you will answer God’s call to love and to serve those in need: those who are without shelter or food, those who are sick or dying, women in crisis, immigrants, children and young adults. Your gift is also an investment in the future by supporting the training of our future priests and deacons. In a word, your gift transforms lives, displays compassion and serves as a living testimony of your faith. Jesus calls us to be instruments of hope, and through the ABCD, to Give Light, Give Love and Give Life. The ABCD gives light by introducing others to Jesus as missionaries of hope. ABCD gives love by action, a deed by giving away of oneself as Jesus gave himself away. ABCD gives life through Catholic education, engaging our youth and young adults and defending the dignity of all human life. Next week, every parish in the Archdiocese will unite to ask our Catholic community to support this year’s ABCD by making a gift. I ask that you prayerfully consider making a gift, whether by responding to the Archbishop’s letter, making a gift online at or turning in your pledge envelope at the Church. Thank you.