Archbishop’s Charity & Development Drive (ABCD) 2013

Dear Parishioners,
Archbishop Wenski has invited you to join in supporting the 2013 Archbishop’s Charity and Development Drive and thank you for all you have done in the past to support this good work. As your pastor, I am most grateful for your faithful stewardship for many years, and join the Archbishop in inviting you to continue to support the many works of our Archdiocese that serve our Church. Your support of our parish and its ministries is further complemented by the good works benefiting from the ABCD.

The Archbishop reminds us that God the Father has already given us the greatest gift: the person of Jesus Christ in our lives. Knowing Jesus is the best gift that any person can receive; that we have encountered Him is the best thing that has happened in our lives, and making Him known by our word and deeds is a joy. Your faithful participation in the ABCD flows from God’s many blessings to you and to those you hold dear.

The ABCD campaign, “One in Faith, One in Hope, One in Charity” invites all of us to the stewardship that flows from our Baptism, from our life as a Christian. Being Christian is not a burden but a gift. As Archbishop Wenski in his message to us this year writes, “Our mission is to announce Jesus Christ with Faith and Hope – that he will be known and loved – and all people will have life in Him.”

Each of you has been asked to prayerfully consider what sacrificial gift you wish to offer – and I say “sacrificial” because it is just that. Our personal gifts are offered as a sacrifice, and joined with the gifts of so many others, and together remarkable things are accomplished by our efforts that become, “One in Faith, Hope and Charity.”

Thank you for helping our people in Florida who depend on us for charity and spiritual life.

Rev. Michael Hoyer