Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our Dedicated Altar Servers!

The parish of St. Gregory has been blessed with the continued service of ten outstanding alumni who chose to remain altar servers until their graduation from high school in May. These high-achieving students serve as excellent role models for our children, and we are proud that they chose to remain in active church ministry throughout their school years. In recognition of their dedicated ministry, they we presented with Holy Bibles by Father Hoyer in a special presentation at the 10:30 Mass Sunday, May 5, 2013.

Casey Bates (St. Thomas Aquinas) became an altar server in the fifth grade to join her sister and mother in the ministry. She felt it brought her closer to God and truly loved being an altar server. Casey spent many years training young new servers and has always encouraged them to stay active spiritually and study hard. Casey will be attending Florida Atlantic University.

Connor Bates (St. Thomas Aquinas) became an altar server in the fifth grade to follow in the footsteps of her sister. He loved the time he spent training young new incoming servers and participating in many extra holiday masses. He advises students to always finish what they start and give it everything they have. He feels that if you can touch someone’s life in a positive way, they will pass in on. Connor will start his studies at Broward College.

Joseph Cerami (Archbishop McCarthy) became an altar server in the fifth game to become more involved in the church and enjoyed the experience while at his sister’s side. He enjoyed being a mass captain and leading others. Joe will be attending Virginia Tech and continue to play lacrosse.

Joseph Higgs (St. Thomas Aquinas) became an altar server in the third grade because he wanted to become more active in the church. He wants students to realize that the years go by fast. Joe will attend University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign.

Francisco Alvaro (St. Thomas Aquinas) became an altar server in the third grade because he wanted to be more active in the church community. He advises younger servers to appreciate the opportunity to serve god and better know the mass. Francisco will attend University of Central Florida.

Anarid Adriano (St. Thomas Aquinas) became an altar server in the seventh grade to participate more in the mass. She advises young servers to look up to the priests and follow their lead. Anarid will attend Florida International University.

Kyle Sullivan (St. Thomas Aquinas) became an altar server in the fifth grade because he wanted to be more involved and contribute to the liturgy. He advises students to follow your mass captain and be the best server, keep up with your studies, and always to have a spiritual part of your life. Kyle will attend Florida Atlantic University.

Andrew Flicker (St. Thomas Aquinas) became an altar server in the fifth grade to be with his two siblings. He advises others that it’s important to stay active in the spiritual community. It helps us to grow with today’s changes. Andrew will be attending Bentley University.

Lorenzo Cabrero (St. Thomas Aquinas) has been an altar server since third grade because he felt it was important to serve along side of his older brother. He loved being an altar server as well as being involved in many other ministries. Lorenzo will attend Notre Dame College.

Michelle Grace (St. Thomas Aquinas) became an altar server since fifth grade because she always looked up to and admired the servers during mass so when the opportunity came, she joined. She would advise younger students to make everything count. If you make a mistake it’s okay because god appreciates all you do by volunteering. Just enjoy serving and have fun. Michelle will attend University South Florida.

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Senior Altar Servers

Answered Prayers Cross – Tuesday, May 21st

Join us on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. for a fun evening of hand-painting clay crosses in support of the mission of Answered Prayers Crosses. Answered Prayers Crosses, Inc. is a full circle ministry created by women for women and families. Their goal is threefold: to provide emotional support through shared stories of hope; to deepen faith through spiritual connection; and to provide financial assistance through small one-time grants given with love. Each of these goals is accomplished through the production and the sale of crosses made from clay. We will meet in Meeting Room #1. Your gracious donation of $20 includes a cross to take home. RSVP by May 17th to or call 954-473-6261, ext. 154.