Life After Fifty Fellowship Jungle Queen Cruise

All adults are invited to our Valentine’s Day-Saturday Feb. 14th, 2015 trip. Depart St. Gregory’s at 4 p.m. returning approximately 11:00 p.m. Motor coach transportation, cruise, all-you-wish-to-eat barbeque chicken and shrimp dinner, entertainment, including all taxes and tips for $65.00. Payment must be received by Dec. 30th to lock in 2014 price!

Contact Maria Dias 954-472-0798, 954-235-2432.



Epiphany Home Blessing

The joyful Christmas season comes to a close with Epiphany  celebrating the visit of the magi.  In the Greco-Roman world an epiphaneia was an official state visit of a king or emperor to his kingdom.  It most often referred to an occasion when the leader publicly showed himself to his people.  The feast of the Epiphany – older in origin than the feast of Christmas – began as a feast of the Lord’s nativity.  It celebrated both his birth and the visit of the Magi.  Later, Christ’s baptism also came to be celebrated on this day.

The coming of Jesus makes every Christian home a holy place, so on Epiphany is a good time to celebrate God’s presence revealed to us in our homes and in our family life by blessing our homes.

To bless your home, gather as a family in front of your home.  Say a blessing (below) and write in chalk above the door the numerals for the New Year combined with the first letters of the words in the Latin blessing.  Christus Mansonem Benedicat, “May Christ Bless This Dwelling”. You will write 20 + C + M + B + 14.

Leader:                Peace be with this home and with all who enter.

All Respond:       Bless be God forever.

Leader:                Today God comes to live with us in our home and in our family.

All Respond:       Today our home is a holy place.

Leader:                Bless this home, O Lord, and all who live within these walls.  Bless all who enter through these doorways.  May our love for each other shine as brightly in our home as the Bethlehem star shone over the first home of the infant Jesus.

All Respond:      Amen.

Walk through the home, sprinkling each room with water using a flower or evergreen brand.  In each room, say:

Leader:               Bless this room and all who enter here.

All Respond:      Blessed be God forever