Angel Trees are Coming!

This year’s ANGEL TREES  will be up as of NOVEMBER 21st  and can be found in the Foyer of the Church in front of the Baptistry.

The beautifully decorated ornaments have the NEEDS or WISHES of SENIORS and CHILDREN (ages infancy to 17 years old) represented on the back.  These are individuals who are in need of help this Holiday Season.  On each tag you will find an item listed, the recipient’s age group and gender.


Please remember to bring your WRAPPED gift WITH THE ATTACHED TAG for identification back to the Church and place it under the tree.

Some of the charities we reach include: St. John’s Nursing Home, Covenant House, Child Net, Jack & Jill Children’s Center, S.O.S. Children’s Village, West Broward Nursing Home, and other various local Catholic Charities.

Your kind generosity is greatly appreciated