ABCD Drive: Jesus Keeps Knocking on Our Doors…


The Archdiocese of Miami, through the Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive (ABCD), opens the door for us all to unite as one community of believers to evangelize and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ bringing hope to those in need. We ask you to love your neighbors, selflessly and sacrificially, by making a gift to the ABCD so that we can unite to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, care for the sick and dying, and touch the hearts of those in despair. Your generosity will also help us educate our children, assist the poorest of our parishes and schools, and provide shelter for the homeless. Together, we will continue to defend the dignity of all human life, eliminate prejudice, and promote social justice. Jesus is knocking on your door and inviting you to love and serve those in need through the ABCD. Please make a gift – a gift blessed with sacrifice-so that we can continue to love others as He has loved us.

Emmaus Retreat

What is Emmaus? Emmaus is a weekend retreat based on the biblical story of two disciples walking along the road to Emmaus after the crucifixion. Unknowingly, they were joined by the now “Risen, Living Christ.” They never realized it was Jesus until He revealed Himself through conversation and the “Breaking of the Bread.” What can the Emmaus Retreat do for YOU? Emmaus is a way of deepening your relationship with God. You owe it to yourself AND your family. Everything is always easier to handle when you have a good friend willing to assist you…that friend is Jesus. He is waiting for you AND He is calling to you! When: April 28, 29 and 30, 2017 Where: St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church Fee: $170 For more information, contact Barbara Reinking at 954-599-5991.